There are many phobias.
Unfortunately, humans and animals include those phobias.
We don’t know at the present time how this happened.
I guess, humanity was afraid of the environment in the old era.
The circumstances created panic for humanity.

There are a lot of phobias that humans convey nowadays.
Cockroach, spider, height, harlequin, vaccine, darkness, evil eye 🧿, crowded, undersea, claustrophobia, agoraphobia(Agora Avm’ye gitme korkusu) and so on…
Humans have common anxiety.
The coping strategies such
Support of Doctor: The patient must take help from the expert.
Medicine Therapy: The doctor gives the patient some psychological pill.
Exposure Therapy: The people across to their phobias and to go over.


1. First of all
Once upon a time when I was a kid I fell into the sea.
Actually, some mischievous kids pushed me into the water.
After that day I had sea phobia.
One year ago, one day, my brother gave me advice.
And then, I take swimming lessons.
I did swallow water every day.
I know how to swim right now.
Because I fought my fear.
And I gave him a flying kick.
Anyone can try it easily.

2. Second of all
Used to have an English language phobia.
I did hate American and English accent languages.
There is a doctrine and I respectful to it:
“If you understand you’ll love it.”
That’s marvelous…
I try many times with patience, I struggle and effort.
But, I’m a warrior with any problem.
Whether it is to be an ant, whether it is a giant.
I’ll fight for everything.
I fight everything I badly assume.
What can I do, sometimes?
This is football, it is football.
My characteristics are such.
I took ten lessons and I learned how to swim.
I love the way to success.

Doctrine: “Score on the tabela.” – Sinyor Terim