As an explorer, I would like to journey to France in 1190.
I want to solve the mystery of fragrance’s mystery…
Do you have any curiosity?
How do you seek a perfume?
I have all of them; giant a collection…
However, getting perfume was very tough in the old era.

The adventure will teach me new things.
How to make the perfumes.
Almost literally natural material use, distillation, cooling process, advertisement and end user.
Perhaps, some friends will give me encouragement.
But, I want to unveil some animal abuse.
I have persisted with that issue.

I love it when I smell a marvelous perfume.
It’s like I’m preparing for the dawn of a new era.
We mustn’t stop the new discoveries.
We need to explore uncharted territory and venture into the unknown.

For instance: Nasuh Mahruki
Yes, maybe he wasn’t break new ground.
He followed one’s compass and to forge ahead.
Actually, he went the extra mile.
But, the man climbed up to Everest.
He went to reach new heights.
Fancy a set sail…
Doctrine: “I don’t know how the world will se me. But I see myself as a child lingering on the shore, in front of a huge ocean of undiscovered realities, finding either a softer stone or a beautiful seashell there.” – Isaac Newton