01. They say: Somebody for successful must be wander, mustn’t reading…
This is nonsense! Once upon a time, still old era there was no technology, phone, television, any gadget et cetera…
Explorers wander and saw, wrote and present to humanity who knowledge. For instance: Evliya Celebi
Moreover, nowadays, who wears green striped team Adidas haşortmaning and visited shopping center aren’t explorer.
For the finally: That’s not what’s meant there!..

02. The past tense is depression symptom.
The present tense is different point of view serum.
The future is that a possibility estimate and knowledge art.

03. If you want to be a genius, you must be every time orientation destiny.

04. Actually all authors need lonely. The creativity however improve like this.

05. If you don’t take any risk and you think to be successful, you live in dreamland, simulation world.

06. You don’t have good diagnostic, you can’t be make perfect treating.

07. The man is a lot of reading book, but less teach.
The man is more less reading book, but high level teach his around.
Which one more good?..
Of course seconder…

08. You can take botox therapy or esthetic surgery, yourself look like any celebrity. Unluckily, you can’t imitate themselves intelligence and success.

09. No company can rise above the level of the leader in charge.

10. You don’t need money, advice, chance, certificate, diploma…
For successfully that you need only experience and discipline!