What a emotional film; literally like it…

There is a man. The man lonely and poor, as if lowlife.
He is bald, for this reason he used toupee.
He likes pull thirty one. Because there is no woman.
But no complain, no very bad temper…
He is music teacher of university.
He likes sing song at night club, actually not for earn money just hobby.
He is trainee at sing song.

He takes a bad news with his father pas away, go to the wooden village. (Donkey Heaven)
He gives his father’s old apparels to doorman.
Because he isn’t greedy, despite he is abstinent.

The singer takes a proposal from old boss.
The teacher and his pupil go to the night club in the Yozgat.
They begin song sing at the pavyon.
They are happy.
The woman is ugly and tombiky.
But there is no problem, because the man is silly.

One day, the boy meet them.
He is hair dresser. He like the woman.
He is rascal, he has evil plan.
Let’s be honest: My hayrets surprised.
Because woman is berbating.
Sin went from me.
From now on I do not interfere.
Fuck you to with each other

Lastly, The girl like hair dresser boy.
Jesus Christ!
She has betrayal to main character.
The new person is dangerous.
The man make his does his best.
The girl doesn’t know his child heart.

The man sold his car for girlfriend.
Chanced his job, lost his everything.
She wants get married with hair dresser.
The main character say to her:
It might be!.. It’s up to you beautiful girl.
Finally, the man lost his everything.
He to be gg.

Tenet: “The person must live up with love, one should not age because of love.” – Nazım Hikmet