I wish you were a little cat.
Perhaps I’d take you and go anywhere.
But, you become smallest pisik in the world.
I take you in my pocket.
You are me itsy bitsy creature.

Astonishingly, there is a kutik, it’s run to us.
Immediately I protect you.
I pluck that kutik’s whiskers.
I make a saucase with tail of kutik.
You are safe right now.
I have passion for you.


When you hear name Urla, you get angry hard.
Because, once upon a time lot’s your friends, hısım relative was sent to Urla.
When you hear name Istinye Park, you get happy soft melt.
Because, your name is wander pisik.
You are as explorer.


We are going to restaurant.
There is a banner:
“All Kind Pisik Banned!”
I hide you in my pocket.

I eat ice cream with plain and Turkish coffee.
I love Turkish coffee.
But, you dislike coffee, you are delicate animal.
You marvelous, you drinks with me.
Because you are putting up with it.
You are drink plant milk also.
Stupid waitress doesn’t realized you.
We are happy. 🙂

A woman appear.
I guess she saw you.
She has problematic, zırcrazy.
Because, she only dog loves, she hate the cat and people.

But she doesn’t take you.
However she take fatherı.
She doesn’t know I how feel.
She is arrogant, on top of that ignorant.
Because, she doesn’t work prefrontal lobe of her brain.
Probably, she is sociopath.
She lack of love and empathy.

She has a mass.
The leukocyte is divide and messy changed with metamorphosis to bad cellular.
On the other hand, the mass is propagation with aggressively to body.
The territory’s other name is cancer!
Possibly, she has metastasis and cancer contamination to other vital organs.
Scilicet, it’s malignant mass.
Jesus Christ!
The amel notebook was closed.
I condolences for her!.. ✞
Rest in peace!.. 🪦


I like fast drive my car and this is dangerous for you.
I can use brake momently and then you are going to fly of the car.
We need a small seat belt.
We are going to industry for repair.
I make a smallest seat belt for you.
You are happy I am happy too.

You are so so small baby.
Sometimes… I can’t find you!
I lost you!..
I’m feeling blue.
Likely, you are climb up my kirbit pocket.
Finally, I found my finger cat!

The silkworm firstly come metamorphosis and then become to butterfly…
I hope one day you transformed also to a little cat like butterfly…

Doctrine: “I love all mice and birds.” – Sylvester